Our Newest Development! 
Ultra-sensitive Melamine Antibody and Melamine-HRP Reagents 

  More sensitive than commercially available tests.
  Recent news:
       FDA Issues Pharmaceutical Industry Guidance on Preventing Melamine Contamination
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Newest Product! 
Domoic Acid Test Kit  (product # DAK-36) 

  The newest research tool developed by Mercury Science is now available.
  Recent news:
       Domoic Acid Test Kit Helps Tribes in the Pacific Northwest


Developing Custom Analytical Tests Since 1995
Mercury Science provides:

 Assay Design
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  Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing
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  Scientific Consulting
  Immunogen Design and Synthesis
  Antibody Development and Production
  Mercury SPOT Kits

Our customers include:

  Startup Companies
  Small Businesses
  Academic Labs
  Government Agencies
  With over 15 years experience developing commercial analytical products, Mercury Science has the capability to meet your custom assay needs.  Please contact us to discuss any projects.  Thank you for visiting Mercury Science.
                                                                                                                                                                    -- Tom Stewart, President